A Kiss for Cupid at StoryCrafter Studio Through March 23

The love story between Psyche and Cupid is one of the most durable myths of all time; with appearances by Zeus, Venus, Zephyr, Pan, Ceres, and the oracle of Apollo, it's pretty close to a greatest-hits collection of Greek mythology. At its most basic, it's about two beings who will do anything to be together, even when the rest of the world wants them apart, with Psyche subjected to torture, abuse, and a litany of impossible tasks to overcome before she can begin her life with the guy with the quiver. With its high quotient of jealousy, rage, desperation, and imagined dragons, the myth has lent itself to dramatic interpretations in numerous art forms, including opera, poetry, and painting. In A Kiss for Cupid, award-winning playwright Cynthia Joyce Clay reimagines the story once again, this time as a modern whimsical comedy set in a bridal boutique. Sophie, a romantically frustrated mythology professor, has the Psyche part, and this time, her impediment, Venus, is an all-too-familiar antagonist: She's Cupid's overprotective mother. Clay, Ruben Fonseca, and Tare Glasper star in what has become StoryCrafter Studio's first show eligible for Carbonell Award consideration.

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John Thomason