A Festival for Subtitle Lovers

Spanish films often include plots involving young, struggling artists sleeping with older women; funerals that turn into occasions for lovemaking; and scenes in kitchens where people are cooking naked. In fact, according to the Spanish National Institute of Film, unless a flick includes both food and sex (and preferably in the same scene where one segues into another), it cannot be counted officially as a "Spanish film." As such, there's no reason why this cinema shouldn’t be projected onto Miami's overpasses. But alas, we seem to get these movies only in small, orgiastic doses that come and go like, well, orgiastic doses. Fortunately one of these doses begins Wednesday night at Miami Dade College's Tower Theater, where the Festival of New Spanish Cinema kicks off with a screening of Félix Viscarret's Under the Stars.

Actor Alberto San Juan won a Goya award this year for his performance as Benito, a jazz musician who comes home from the big city to learn that his brother is about to marry one of his ex-girlfriends, a beautiful single mom whose daughter is also, of course, bellisima. According to Spanish law, the film will be preceded by a cocktail reception. The event begins at 7 p.m., and tickets cost $10. The Festival of New Spanish Cinema is a mere appetizer to the main course that is the 2009 Miami International Film Festival. The cocktail reception and screening kick off a minifest that lasts from November 5 through 9. Call 305-237-3456 or visit www.miamifilmfestival.com for a complete schedule of screenings.
Wed., Nov. 5, 2008
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P. Scott Cunningham