A Downtown Diamond

If we were holding our breath for downtown to finally evolve into the cool, pedestrian-friendly tourist attraction that Miami’s mayors and public officials have been promising all these years ... well, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Because we’d be dead. Sure, pockets of downtown feature funky bistros and quirky restaurants worth visiting, but for the most part, they’re surrounded by sketchy wig shops and ancient discount clothing stores that we never see anyone shopping in. That’s why our fingers and toes are crossed for the continued success of the Premier Wine Club.

Nestled among the hurricane-shuttered storefronts and lunch-counter/coffee joints, this sleek, sophisticated hangout is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. There’s an impressive wall of wines that runs the gamut of prices and countries of origin. Settle into a plush leather seat and order up a ham and cheese platter (or the very spicy shrimp pad thai) while you survey your options. Besides well-priced plonk by the glass (ranging from $6 to $10), the place also offers a variety of unique beers for wine philistines. The location is ideal for an after-work aperitif before the long commute out of downtown construction hell.
Starts: June 13. Daily, 2007
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Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik