A Crawl for Gay Rights

Nothing says gimme rights like dance music and Absolut cocktails. Tonight’s mission, which really began in 1997 when a couple of jolly fellows got together to figure out a more effective way to say to the tools in Tallahassee, “Please, sir, I want some more,” is Equality Florida’s coming out party. Well you know what I mean.

Like in Oliver Twist, Equality Florida is just not having it anymore. And to wag its finger at a ridiculous legal system that prefers to have orphaned and abandoned children languish in a foster care system that sucks, rather than be adopted by a gay couple, it called out its gayest friends and threw a soirée.

Miami doesn’t have a pride parade, (say what?!) so this is something that allows everyone interested in making a statement to come together, says Thomas Barker, the brain behind the crawl.

“And all the money goes to sponsor the five bills we have in the legislature,” he said. The bills aim to make schools safe for gay students, end a ban on gay adoption, allow gay marriages to be recognized, take measures to end hate violence, and give protection for employees against being fired for their sexual orientation.

Usually, the Tampa/Miami-based EqFl raises funds through more conventional methods. But who needs conventional when you can get Miami’s four gay clubs (Palace Bar, Halo, Score, and Twist) and 400 of your coolest friends (all wearing tight jeans and skimpy T’s, showing off their musculature) to come together under the roof of a very good cause? - Bryan Falla

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