A Bright Idea in Wynwood

Intermittent rains -- and a handful of shuttered galleries -- put a bit of a damper on Saturday's art crawl in Wynwood.

But at Locust Projects, London artist Graham Hudson's installation was a warm nexus of light and sound. Hudson set four record players within a stack of cubes, each at about eye level. Over each dangled a lone light bulb, resting lightly upon the spinning record and causing it to skip around in a seemingly unending loop.

Adding to the charm was that the old LPs -- United Artists' Great Motion Picture Soundtracks (the theme from The Apartment was playing at the time), LL Cool J, and The Smothers Brothers' Mom Always Liked You Best (the fourth was too high to see) -- were playing at double speed and sounded almost like music boxes. More old albums leaned against a nearby wall; Hudson had purchased them all from a nearby thrift store.

"Everybody who comes in here smiles," said a woman who stood, smiling, next to the installation. A quick look around the room confirmed it. Hudson's tower of whimsy and nostalgia

was a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy night. --Frank Houston

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