818 Lincoln, Home to Romero Britto's South Beach Gallery, Sold for $34.5 Million

Britto Central, Miami artist Romero Britto's gallery on Lincoln Road, has been a touristy pop art staple in South Beach for years. But Miami's mecca for brightly colored Brazilian art could be changing locations.

The building that houses Britto Central, 818 Lincoln, has sold to a Canadian investor, The Real Deal reports.

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The previous owning entity, 818 Lincoln Corp., reportedly sealed the deal last Wednesday, earning $34.5 million dollars in exchange for the prime piece of Lincoln Road storefront. The buyer is the equally creatively titled 818 Lincoln Investments, a company based in Montreal.

So yes, 818 Lincoln has now become an epicenter of things Miami locals love to complain about: Britto art and French Canadians.

But for how long? Lincoln Road has steadily been transforming into an outdoor mall, with retail chains like H&M and Forever 21 recently joining staples like Gap, J. Crew, and Pottery Barn. If the new owners want to make a quick buck on their investment, they may raise the rent, which could inspire Britto to move his Central space elsewhere. (Britto representatives did not return our request for comment.)

Then again, if there's any art space that can survive at a mall, it's Britto's. The guy has retail space at Miami International Airport, for crissakes.

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