75. Michael McKeever

​In honor of our People Issue, which will hit newsstands and computer screens November 25, Cultist proudly presents "100 Creatives," where we feature Miami's cultural superheroes in random order. Have suggestions for future profiles? Email [email protected] with the whos and whys.

75. Michael McKeever
Michael McKeever is one of Miami's rare born-and-raised, home-grown theater talents. And as a playwright, he doesn't forget it. In That Sound You Hear, he analyzes the fragility of a marriage during Hurricane Andrew. In Melt (the Miamians), he traces the interconnecting lives of Cuban, African-American, and Jewish families living in the city. In Sexy and Miggs, a couple grows up alongside the everchanging landscape of South Beach.

But the writer, actor, and stage designer isn't limited to Miami-centric story lines. His dozens of plays have dealt with subject matter ranging from the prejudices of small town America to the lives of French impressionists to "philosophizing drag queens" and the "world's ugliest stripper." They have toured all over America and Europe, and garnered him a slew of awards--three Carbonells, four Curtain Up awards, and three Florida Individual Artist fellowships. He is the recipient of a residency grant at the New Theatre, and has been a three-time finalist for Humana Fest's prestigious Hedieman award.

1. List five things that inspire you.

  -Everyday life around me
  -The work of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tennesse Williams
 - Old black and white movies
 - The ocean
 - French martinis

2. What was your last big project?

I just had one of my plays (Suite Surrender) open at Theater für Niedersachsen, a theatre in Hildesheim. A place I've never even heard of before. And the production was, and continues to be, a great success. I love when one of my shows can make an impact half-way around the world.

3. What's your next big project?

I am currently in rehearsals for the World Premiere production of my play South Beach Babylon.  It focuses on the lives of a handful of local artists in the months leading up to Art Basel. It's a comic take on how much of our selves we have to sell in order to produce our work in a place like South Florida. It is also the inaugural production of Zoetic Stage, a theatre company I've co-founded with my partner Stuart Meltzer, and Chris and Stephanie Demos-Brown. And it's going up at the Arsht Center. So yes, this project is a pretty big one.

4. Why do you do what you do?

Because I like to eat, travel, and be entertained, and I've found my favorite way to provide for these necessities. I also love playing with theatre people.

5. What's something you want Miami to know about you?

I am one of the few people who live here who was actually born here.

What's something you don't want Miami to know about you?

My all-time favorite film is The Poseidon Adventure.

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