2Square Take Wynwood, Bomb Walls, and Live Like Gypsies

On a corner in Wynwood, a man and leopard hang out and get high next to women and roses in meditative poses.

It's one of several Miami-based artworks by 2Square, a nomadic free-expression camp that hit town last year for Basel and decided to stick around. In their wake, dozens of city walls carry fresh murals, and the sidewalks offer paint-splattered testament to the work that went into them.

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We'd slid past this Wynwood corner just last week and the frenetic pace of it caught our eye. So when we saw the artists out there painting yesterday, we stopped to say wassup and see what their deal is.

Justin Vallee said, "We think outside the box, we paint outside the box, we live outside the box, so we took the name 2Square cause it's like the opposite of what we are. We're not square, we're adventurous in everything we do. We met in Tennessee and then drove out to Detroit, and Cleveland on a street art tour that took us to Europe and then Miami."

"Wynwood really put us on its shoulders. We noticed that if you really work hard here, you've got a chance to make it. If you're really dedicated and get after it, you can get it."

"This is the first mural I've ever done entirely with my left hand. I'm right handed, but I've got a whole sketchbook series of lefthanded work, and now I'm painting with both hands all the time. This one is called, The Rise Of Lefty."

"There's a huge influx of people here all the time, and a lot of artists, and just people coming to take pictures too. Some people don't know what they're looking at, but a lot of people do. There are a lot of educated street art heads here."

"We're working on this wall with a young guy we met named Reggie, who writes L.E.O., he's doing his own piece, and he's awesome."

Reginald "L.E.O." O'Neal says, "I saw these guys doing walls so I stopped to talk to them, and after that, I started skating all the way hereto paint with them."

The crew is currently continuing to paint an 11 panel series of individual works on the building at 23rd Street. When asked how they got the wall, Jeremiah said, "Some advertising company owns it or something."

When asked about the Leopard piece he said, "It's based on a movie called Love Is Ashes And Snow. It's a place of heaven where animal and man can be together. It's a dream."

2Square are getting ready for Art Basel with an exhibition they'll be throwing at Spiderboost in Wynwood at 24th Street and NW Fifth Avenue. "They're hooking us up," says Justin, "We did a 17-piece mural over there with Lil Wayne and Kurt Cobain. I'm working on getting the permits for it now. We're going to be showing art, photos, installations, and have DJs."

Find out more about 2Square on their website and Facebook.

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