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2 Fast 2 Furious Meets Telenovela in RPM Miami, Airing May 1

Sometimes Cultist gets stick for our posts on reality TV shows like Real Housewives of Miami and Basketball Wives. Well, stop hatin'. These shows are based in Miami, they're crazy popular, and they're part of who we are, like it or not. So what if they're harbingers of the end of the world, they're also part of our cultural landscape. Even so, we get that you might want a little variety in your television watching diet when it comes to locally produced shows. Lucky for you there's a new television option tearing around the corner like some Hialeah drag racer. It's called RPM Miami, and it will blow your mind.

Or not. We're not sure. It hasn't premiered yet, so we haven't seen it. But it's produced by telenovela titan Telemundo which is partnering with mun2. We guess that means there will be some super close up of glowering eyeballs and heaving bosoms, both male (check out star Adrian Bellani to the right) and female. Read on for more info and a teaser trailer.

RPM Miami is not reality television. It's not even in English - it's

Spanglish. But don't let the language bit fool you, this ain't no Que

Pasa USA. The show, which debuts May 1--is about car racing, corruption,

slutty women, and mystery. Those plot lines probably could support

reality television but this is a scripted show, which probably means it

will resemble real life more than what passes for reality TV these days. 

Here's a little tease:

Visit page on mun2

The show stars soapy hunk Bellani, who was on the English language soap

Passions; Fernanda Romero, who had a turn in campy Drag Me to Hell a

couple years back; and Frankie J, a Mexican singer and former member of

Kumbia Kings. RPM Miami follows Bellani's character, Alejandro, a former

Army Ranger who returns home to Miami to find out that his father is

missing and his family is broke. Alejandro must enter the dangerous

world of Miami's underground street racing scene a la 2 Fast 2

Furious to solve the mystery about pop's disappearance. Along the

way, he bumps into Romero's character, who's got her own baggage.

The show is close to wrapping filming of the first 13 episodes. For showtimes and more info on RPM Miami visit

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