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12 Things To Do in Miami Before You Turn 40

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More often than not it seems like Miami is either a town for the very old or the very young. Either retirees or barely-twenty somethings who think of the city as a perpetual party. But for those who've said a permanent goodbye to their twenties, but aren't quite ready for retirement, Miami might seem to have lost a bit of its sparkle.

In your thirties, your bank account is probably bigger and your family is likely larger, but there's still plenty to do in the Magic City. Here are a few suggestions.

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12. Enjoy a Florida Grand Opera performance or a night Miami City Ballet from the expensive seats:

In your thirties, you have the extra cash for a special treat. And you might even have the attention span.

11. Visit the maternity unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Whether it's to visit a friend's or sibling's baby, or meet your own, babies are an inevitable part of your 30s.

10. Be a tourist: Remember the Venetian Pool, Vizcaya, Fairchild Botanical Tropical Garden, and the Coral Castle? Your parents probably took you when you were young and have a bunch of photographs of you smiling a toothy, toddler grin. They're worth experiencing again in your thirties, they're still as magical as they were two decades ago. Top it off with a meal at Joe's Stone Crabs or News Cafe.

9. Blow part of a paycheck at one of Miami's best restaurants: Miami is a foodie town--Edge, the Forge, and Prime 112 -- just to name a few classics. So save up some pennies and spend a decadent night at one of Miami's finest restaurants. Order everything from appetizers to dessert, drink two bottles of wine, and enjoy every bite.

8. Go to Art Basel: Not the parties, actually go to Art Basel and look at the art. While you're at it, check out the rest of Miami art week.

7. Make fun of the youngsters at Ultra: It will make you feel smug about aging your newly found wisdom.

6. Take an Art Deco tour of Miami Beach: If you're native, then you probably spent your late teens underage drinking on South Beach. Now is the time to actually learn something about all of those historic buildings you ignored in search of watered-down booze.

5. Buy good seats at a Marlins, Dolphins or Heat game: You're officially too old to buy the cheapest tickets with the intention of sneaking to better seats. Besides, you might break a hip hopping over stadium seats.

4. Wear even more sunscreen: Seriously, those decades of sunscreen -free tanning are catching up and no one wants to look like that old lady in There's Something About Mary.

3. Go to every museum in Miami: The PAMM, Frost, Bass, and the Wolfsonian have been waiting for you.

2. Experience (what's left) of Miami's native habitats: In case you haven't heard, Miami will be eaten by the rapidly rising seas. So before it's all gone, visit some manatees at Oleta Park, spend a day at Everglades National Park, or head south to John Pennekamp Park.

1. Spend a night in one of Miami's classic hotels: We live in one the most beautiful cities in America and tourists come from across the globe to spend a little time in the paradise we call home. Take a break from Miami's hustle (and the traffic) and regain that perspective by spending a night in the Biltmore, Fountainebleu, the Raleigh, and the Vagabond.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.