"12/12" Project Brings Colorado Weed to Miami via Photographs

Weed. Miami knows a thing or two about a thing or two. But Colorado knows better. Hell, they've (sort of) legalized our favorite plant. Miami artists Natalia Molina and Carlos De Varona recently headed west to document the process of growth and cultivation of marijuana in a state-of-the-art facility serving the needs of medical recipients.

They've brought back the killer green (photos) to Miami and now you can see for yourself what goes into cancer fighting hydros at their Saturday night show "12/12" at Fusse Studios. Here's what Carlos had to say about it:

Cultist: How'd this get started?
Carlos De Varona: We started this project cause we have access to an acquaintance that works in the medical marijuana industry in Colorado. He works in making oils and acids as an "infused products manager." He makes cookies, oils, hashes, honey. I went over there for vacation, Natalia and I took some amazing photos, and we came back and were like "Holy shit this could totally be on gallery walls."

So this show is featuring.....
This show is a fundraiser for an exhibition of high quality prints. We shot everything on film. There will be examples of what we shot, video projections, posters we made, free rolling papers, and we're going to host raffles for prints.

What was the growhouse like?
They had over a hundred plants, everything was top of the line, all the bells and whistles. It's an organic growhouse, meaning they don't use any pesticide, it's all natural, just water and supplements.

What strains did they grow?
It was a mix of superskunk lemonade, g143, Colombian gold, sour diesel, silver kush, premium basically. They're most famous for this strain Cannatonic, it's high in CBD, that's the medical part of the marijuana that relieves stress and anxiety and has more medicinal assets and traits than THC.

There's a huge science to it, it's freakin' cool man, it's like goin to a lab. Everyone wants to be in this business and that's what makes these photos rare. We're just trying to raise awareness and get rid off the stigma people associate with marijuana.

12/12 Fundraiser at Fusse Studios (327 NE 59th Ter., Miami). Featuring the art of Natalia Molina and Carlos De Varona. Live music by Llamabeats and Frankie V. Free drinks, giveaways, and raffles.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.