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Homeless Sex Offenders

In December 2007, New Times broke the story on sex offenders being relegated to live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Miami-Dade officials responded by evicting them, yet the number of homeless sex offenders continues to increase.

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  1. Sex Offenders Set Up Camp
    The Julia Tuttle becomes a colony. Politicians pass the buck.
  2. Sex Offenders Set Up Camp
    Images from the colony of sex offenders and other homeless making camp under the Julia Tuttle.
  3. Sex Offenders Under Bridge Get Website
    The people under the bridge created their own website in order to let others know of their situation.
  4. Homeless Sex Offenders Face Eviction
    State officials scrap under-the-bridge policy.
  5. Swept Under the Bridge
    Sex offenders are ordered to sleep near a center for abused kids.
  6. The Misfits Keep on Coming
    Three newcomers have made the space under the Julia Tuttle their home after Miami-Dade Corrections evicted the people already there.
  7. Sex Offenders Say There's No More Room Under The Bridge
    Riptide 2.0
  8. ACLU Stands Up For Banished Sex Offenders
    Riptide 2.0
  9. Perversion and Justice
    Will the state help with the growing sex offender colony under the Julia Tuttle Causeway?
  10. Julia Tuttle Sex Offender Charged in New Sexual Battery Case
    Riptide 2.0
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