Wildfox Model Beach Volleyball 2014

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Miami Beach's modeling agencies came together once again for the fifth annual Wildfox Model Beach Volleyball. This year's teams included Wilhelmina, Next, Caroline Gleason, Mega, Front, MC2, Elite, Runways, and Ocean Models. Also making an appearance were DJ Irie along with Jamie Foxx who entertained the crowds at the free event.

Published on February 10, 2014

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Is this seriously what passes for models these days? The quality of models in Miami seems to plummet drastically every year, what the F is happening? Where are all of the beautiful goddesses running away to? Maybe beautiful women have finally realized there is no future in modeling and have turned to respectable jobs instead or are they in LA trying to become the next IT girl? But what is happening to Miami I don't know, I remember going to the malls in the 90s and the beaches all throughout and being stunned at these soft, doe eyed, almost other worldly beauties that would walk around Miami and South Florida looking like angels from heaven, women that would put Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson when they were in their primes all combined to shame but now in Miami you'll see women that high level only maybe once in a blue moon. The majority of Miami girls these days are covered in tattoos, extremely promiscuous, northern transplants who moved here thinking they will be the next big thing but just end up knocked up and addicted to drugs, girls who go out every night and have sex with men in club bathrooms, starve themselves to stay skinny and always smoking to curb their appetites, dye their hair black to look more "Exotic" to keep up with the latinas, bartenders who are extremely insecure (and a bit crazy in the head) always coked up and they wear $2,000 shoes, carry around $2,000 bags, wear $1,000 dresses but they live paycheck to paycheck, lease their cars and escort themselves to put out a "keeping up with the Jones' " image. It's pathetic. Miami has become a real dump these days and it's only getting worse. There's no fixing Miami. The best thing Miami had going was the hot, beautiful, best-looking-in-the-entire-cou ntry girls, but there's only a handful of those left in south Florida and if you try to find one that is also well educated, eloquent, kind, never had a sugar daddy or anything of the sort, never been in a porn video, never escorted herself for money, never stripped at a strip club, has good genes (will age well, or lack of aging I guess is the better way to put it) and gets along well with you, your parents, your buddies, isn't with you for your money, house and car, is completely sober and has good morals MY GOD put a ring on it the second you see a woman like that because from what I see in Miami these days girls like that are more rare than unicorns.
I'm seriously considering moving to Santa Barbara in three months, South Florida is no longer the paradise it once was when it first started getting recognized as a playground for celebrities, beautiful women and a safe haven for anyone looking to escape harsh winters from the other 49 states, Miami has turned into a third world country and it is very sad to see as a native who was born and raised here, attended all the schools in the area, had family from other countries and states visiting here all the time, but because I love South Florida so much I can also admit and share the flaws of the area and I admit that what some people from other states are saying about the area is right, it's gone to the gutter and it sucks big time.

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