Third Annual '90s Homecoming at the Vagabond

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Liliana Mora


The Vagabond celebrated all things '90s Saturday night with its third annual '90s Homecoming. From crop tops to headbands, everyone dressed up to dance to '90s nostalgia all night long.

Published on June 10, 2013

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2nd photo.  Blonde young lady was VERY unpleasant and offensively rude.  Its such a shame that pretentiousness and vanity seems to be so prevalent amongst so many of the Miami youth.  Perhaps its just an unfortunate consequence of being young and pretty and therefore being accustomed to dealing with a perpetual onslaught of undesired attention which takes experience and wisdom to learn how to handle with tact.  I do hope she, and others like her realize how important it is to treat everyone respect unless their behavior begs for anything else.

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