Republican National Convention 2012 Tampa Day One: The Protesters

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Marco Kornfeld


A small group of protesters convened near the Tampa Bay Times Forum on the first day of the Republican National Convention with little harassment from local law enforcement. With Tropical Storm Isaac just off the coast of Florida, the convention played it safe and cut the first day short. This, along with the threat of rain, might have kept some demonstrators away. Tomorrow, the crowds are expected to be larger.

Your Gonzo Guide to the Republican National Convention

Published on August 27, 2012

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drakemallard topcommenter

 if the Republicans can’t fix any of these problems that are allegedly the Democrats’ fault, then why elect them to office in the first place?



Ryan co-sponsored a “personhood” amendment, an extreme anti-abortion measure    


The Bush Tax Cuts (increasing the deficit by $1.7 trillion over the last ten years)     


Medicare Part D (increasing the federal debt by $395 billion between 2004 and 20013)   


I voted for the Iraq War" because it was the right thing to do.   The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (increasing the deficit by $1.47 trillion over the last ten years)     Increased defense spending and more tax cuts like the capital gains cuts and inheritance tax reduction (Hundreds of billions more in increased defense spending, and tens of billions more in tax cuts)     


TARP (initial cost of $700 billion, but reduced by subsequent payments) Ryan had sought stimulus funds for local energy conservation groups from the Department of Energy in late 2009, and a 2010 Wall Street Journal report indicated he sought funds for another local group from the Labor Department.


Ryan has been hammering Obama on Chinese currency manipulation, he voted against the Currency Reform Act-which would have addressed the problem..



“we have a national debt that’s out of control, they send us to wars we shouldn’t be fighting in.

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