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  • Closer Look: The Dome
    Caviar is king at the Dome in Coral Gables, where executive chef Marsha Orosco serves an eclectic global menu that consist of the aforementioned luxury food as well as small plates and cocktails. The Dome: Caviar and Eclectic Global Fare in an Eco-Chic Environment
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  • September 2012 Wynwood Art Walk
    With the start of the cultural season, Wynwood art walk feature plenty of new exhibits, including the reopening of Spinello Gallery in the area west of the arts district.
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  • Floatopia 2012 Miami
    Hundreds gathered in the waters off of South Beach to celebrate Floatopia. The event encouraged beachgoers to come with any kind of flotation device and relax in the Atlantic Ocean.
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  • Fashion's Night Out 2012 at Miami's Design District
    Thursday, Miami's fashion savvy set came out to several of the Fashion's Night Out events across the county. Our cameras stopped by the festivities around Miami's Design District, which included a Vogue-hosted party featuring a performance by Afrobeta.
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  • Closer Look: The Bazaar by José Andrés at SLS Hotel
    Writer Emily Codik was so entranced by the whimsical nature of The Bazaar by José Andrés that she ate the inedible wrapper in the first dish she was serve. Even then, the only visible issue seems to be "the extensiveness of the exciting menu. It would likely take a dozen dinners to sample the...
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  • DJ Seasunz: Murder Ends Miami's All-Ages Club Scene
    Nobody knows exactly why Juan Carlos Portieles, AKA DJ Seasunz, killed his 18-year-old girlfriend Jaclyn Torrealba back on October 11, 2009. All anyone could see was a man who was spiraling out of control, which would eventually lead to the untimely murder of Jaclyn. Read the full story DJ...
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  • National Cheese Pizza Day
    September 5 was dubbed by the Internet as "National Cheese Pizza Day," but much like Earth Day, every day in America is Cheese Pizza Day. In that spirit, here are slices from coast to coast, from foldable plain slices to coma-inducing gut bombs. (Some pies feature a little extra toppings over...
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  • Avicii at Mansion
    After tearing up the American Airlines Arena in June, Avicii returned to Miami to get the crowds moving once more. This time he left his intricate stage show behind, opting for a more "intimate" affair at Mansion.
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  • Coconut Grove Bed Race 2012
    Sunday, beds rolled down Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove for another edition of the annual Bed Race. Five-person teams competed in hopes of winning the 1/8-mile race with the fastest time. But the real winners every year are the spectators who get to witness mattresses on wheels careen down the...
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  • More From the Republican National Convention 2012 Tampa at Tampa Bay Times Forum
    The final days of the Republican National Convention in Tampa featured a special -- and bizarre -- appearance by actor-director Clint Eastwood, as well as the formal introduction of the GOP's vice presidential and presidential candidates Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Inside the Republican...
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  • Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias at American Airlines Arena
    Friday, former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez and Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias concluded their co-headlining tour at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. The summer tour has taken them across the U.S. along with special guest Frankie J.
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  • Miami Month in Photos: August 2012
    The dog days of summer couldn't keep the city down, with plenty of activity going on including Rick Ross dropping rhymes at King of Diamonds, sneaker aficionados congregating at Grand Central, and Identity Festival bringing back questionable candy raver fashion choices. Not even Tropical Storm...
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