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  • TattooLaPalooza 2013 at Hyatt Regency Miami
    Tattoo enthusiasts gathered at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami for TattooLaPalooza 2013. The event gives attendees a chance to get some fresh ink by some of the best tattoo artists in the country.
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  • Cosplay at Mizucon 2013
    Hundreds of anime fanboys and girls descended on Mizucon at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel. The event featured panels, contests, and dances celebrating Japanese anime. But the real highlight are the cosplayers. Here are some of the best costumes we saw this weekend.
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  • Four End-of-the-World Comedies To Watch This Summer
    2013 will see at least four end-of-the-world comedies hit theaters. Here's a look at the three that have been released (it's a Disaster, This is the End and Rapture-palooza) and The World's End, which is set for release in August. Follow @VoiceFilmClub !function(d,s,id){var...
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  • Best of Miami 2013: Behind the Scenes
    Strong in you the Force is! With our Best of Miami® 2013 The Sunshine Strikes Back edition hitting newsstands this week, we've brought a bit of galactic glamour to the Magic City. From Chewbacca stopping by the salon to Darth Vader squeezing in some tan time, here's how we put it all together....
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  • Best of Miami 2013: Arts & Entertainment
    Want to know where the best party in Miami takes place? Which visual artist represents the 305 hard? Or what bar is slinging cheap shots? Don't fret, Best of Miami® 2013 has got you covered. We've partied our way through the Magic City in search of the best music, nightclubs, galleries,...
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  • Best of Miami 2013: Food & Drinks
    Need to know where to get the best taco in the Magic City? How about the most delectable pan con lechón? Will only the most outstanding cup of coffee do? Not to worry, Best of Miami® 2013 is here to help. Luckily for you we've eaten our way through the 305 in search of the best bites and...
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  • 40 Ridiculous People in Headdresses at Music Festivals
    Once worn into battle and at ceremonies of a spiritual nature, the headdress (or war bonnet) worn by Native Americans of the Plains is now more often seen in the fields of music festivals. While the traditional headdress was comprised of feathers -- each one signifying a good deed of brave act...
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  • Why Superman Movies Matter More Than the Comic Books
    Your idea of Superman -- by which I mean the conception of him that floats in the cultural ether -- is simpler and cleaner than the internalized idea of Superman by comic book nerds. Your idea of Superman was shaped, overwhelmingly, by the movies. Read the full Superman story by Glen...
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  • Third Annual '90s Homecoming at the Vagabond
    The Vagabond celebrated all things '90s Saturday night with its third annual '90s Homecoming. From crop tops to headbands, everyone dressed up to dance to '90s nostalgia all night long.
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  • Charli XCX at the Garret at Grand Central
    Nothing can stand in the way of Charlotte Aitchison, who is known to her fans as Charli XCX. The 20-year-old pop princess (who, refreshingly, isn't a diva in the least) performed an intimate set at the Garret at Grand Central this weekend.
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  • June 2013 Wynwood Art Walk
    While you were spending your Saturday night indoors, flipping popcorn kernels into your face, and watching a lame movie, the people of Miami gathered for a night of culture and fun at Artwalk, this past Saturday night. Don't miss out next time.
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  • Closer Look: Yambo in Little Havana
    Yambo Restaurant has immense nacatamales. Plantain leaves cocoon a corn masa filling with sliced potatoes, peppers, beef, pork, raisins, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and rice. There's also a huge piece of pork rind on top — another touch of awesome. The spot, which is open all hours, is...
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