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  • Merry Sith-mas: A Star Wars Christmas Party at the Vagabond
    Star Wars fanboys and girls celebrated the holidays by wishing everyone a Merry Sith-mas at the Vagabond. The downtown nightclub turned into the Cantina on Tatooine for a night, inviting cosplayers to enjoy a Star Wars burlesque show, dancing, and more.
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  • 2013 in Miami New Times Covers
    For every issue, we design a cover that hopefully calls for you to pick it up at our newsstands. Take a look back of some of Miami New Times most arresting covers of 2013, as picked by art director Miche Ratto.
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  • Top 15 Best Reviewed Miami Restaurants of 2013
    This year, food critic Emily Codik dined all over the Magic City, from fine-dining establishments like the Cypress Room and MC Kitchen to hole-in-the-walls like Viva Mexico to buzz-worthy eateries like Lucali and Gabose. Check out the 15 best Miami restaurants New Times reviewed in 2013. See...
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  • Miami's Dirty Dozen of 2013
    Every year, Miami New Times names the 12 most awful people in our community — one per month — so you can feel better about your jerk neighbors.
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  • Top 20 Miami Concerts of 2013
    For music fans, 2013 was an exciting year that brought many memorable performances to Miami. From the xx's South Florida debut to Arcade Fire's secret shows to Yeezus himself, Kanye West, at the American Airlines Arena, 2013 was of the best years for live music.
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  • Closer Look: The Butcher Shop in Wynwood
    In July, the Butcher Shop debuted in the same hipster neighborhood occupied by Gramps and the Salvation Army. For months, it teased Wynwood-goers with soft openings and parties. It launched with an innovative concept, mashing a beer garden with a restaurant/butcher shop. Inside, a 24-foot meat...
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  • Y100 Jingle Ball 2013 at BB&T Center
    The BB&T Center once again hosted Y100's Jingle Ball 2013. Lineup included Robin Thicke, Austin Mahone, Avril Lavigne, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Armin van Buren, Fall Out Boy, Jason Derulo, Fifth Harmony and Jake Miller, along with local crowd faves Enrique Iglesias and Flo Rida. Looking much...
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  • James Franco's Year, Ranked
    It's a long-running joke that James Franco is a busy guy -- not just in the film industry, but it academia and the arts. Voice Film Critics have ranked James Franco's 2013 for you, the discerning, uhh, Franco-phile. Click on the link to read more about the project. See also: The Top 20 Films...
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  • The 13 Most Overcooked Food Trends of 2013
    Here are thirteen food trends that have become ubiquitous and shed the sheen of novelty -- now they're just dull and sometimes annoying, in spite of an exciting debut. (To keep things interesting, we've included a few food trends we hope continue into 2014 and beyond. See if you can identify...
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  • The Top 20 Films of 2013
    This year, 96 critics from across the country voted for their favorite films, performances, and filmmakers in 13 categories for the 2013 Village Voice Film Poll. Here are the top 20 movies, according to points received and number of times mentioned, by those critics. See also: View the full...
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  • The 21 Best Movie Romances of 2013
    In 2013, love came in many forms: girl on zombie, boy on smartphone, and James Franco on -- count 'em -- two hot bikini babes at the same damn time. Sure, romantic comedies are as extinct as Oprah Winfrey's chances of winning Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes, but audiences had...
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  • The 20 Worst People of 2013
    Featuring threesome seekers, cokehead judges, hockey dads from hell and, quite naturally, Wells Fargo. By Pete Kotz. Illustrations by Kevin Cannon. See also: The 25 Worst People of 2012
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