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  • Warped Tour at Bicentennial Park
    The rain came, but couldn't stop the show. Bad Religion, New Found Glory, Straylight Run, The Starting Line, Pepper and more from the July 21 concert.
    48 images
  • Living Under a Bridge of Graffiti
    In this special edition of StreetWorks, Jason Handelsman tells the story of a unique living space, and a man who had a special way for consuming his favorite drug.
    11 images
  • Jessica Simpson Fashion Show
    Jess found some models to show off her new line of swim wear at the Raleigh Hotel on Saturday, July 14. CLICK HERE to read about the show.
    19 images
  • The Police at Dolphin Stadium
    Sting and the crew were joined by openers Maroon 5 and Fiction Plane on July 10th. CLICK HERE to read a review of the show.
    15 images
  • Purple Sabbath Art Show
    In celebration of 7-7-07, The Firefly hosted Purple Sabbath, an exhibit featuring works by Miami and Gainseville artists.
    14 images
  • The Secret of the Red Triangles
    A mysterious red triangle/ rectangle symbol has been painted on a number of houses and a large building in this Miami neighborhood, situated on the shoreline of Biscayne Bay near 26th Street. But what do they mean?
    8 images
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