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  • "Lucky Draw" Web Extra: Works by Romero Britto
    In this week's issue, "Lucky Draw" looks into the enigma that is local artist Romero Britto, a man whose work has come to symbolize Miami to the enjoyment of his supporters and collectors but to the disdain of the art world who dismiss his work as nothing but pretty pictures with little emotion...
    7 images
  • Behind the Line at STK Miami
    Our cameras get a closer look at nightlife answer to the steakhouse, STK at the Gansevoort South Hotel.
    31 images
  • Afrobeta at Grand Central
    Miami came out to send off local band Afrobeta on its first European jaunt. Brooklyn DJ Dances With White Girls took over the decks after the live performance.
    48 images
  • Lee Foss & Ryan Elliott at Electric Pickle
    Berlin by-the-way-of-Detriot DJ Ryan Elliott and Los Angeles-based Lee Foss spun at the Electric Pickle Friday night.
    22 images
  • Green Velvet at Grand Central
    Chicago DJ/producer Green Velvet get the crowd to shake and pop at Grand Central Friday night.
    27 images
  • Swap Miami at Cafeina
    For the fashionista looking to shop green there was Swap Miami at Cafeina on Saturday. Shoppers could exchange their unwanted clothing and in return snag somebody else's.
    20 images
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