DJ Seasunz: Murder Ends Miami's All-Ages Club Scene

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Juan Carlos Portieles, AKA DJ Seasunz, and Jaclyn Torrealba. The pair began dating when Torrealba was 15.

Nobody knows exactly why Juan Carlos Portieles, AKA DJ Seasunz, killed his 18-year-old girlfriend Jaclyn Torrealba back on October 11, 2009. All anyone could see was a man who was spiraling out of control, which would eventually lead to the untimely murder of Jaclyn. Read the full story DJ Seasunz: A Murder Kills a Nightlife Scene.

Published on September 5, 2012

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This t-shirt was given as a promotion to ALL OF THE TEENAGERS in the club.  Not just Jackie.  You are representing this whole story in POOR TASTE.  How horrible, hurtful, and abusive this publisher is. I guess there is something wrong with him. 


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