WTF Is It?!? Round 2

Evidently last week's entry in Short Order's weekly contest, WTF Is It?!?, -- was child's play for our MENSA-class readers. Half the world, it seems, knows what to do with a bitter gourd, while we'd been using them as foot massagers. This week we've got TWO summertime edibles and the winner will correctly identify BOTH of them. As a bonus, tell us how to serve or cook them together.

That was the carrot. Here's the stick: We've gotta prize this week: a $10 gift card to Denny's goes to the first egghead to post the correct answer. Not kidding! We got it in the mail this week, and we're happy to spread the wealth. Bonne chance, brainiacs.

Here's where we got them:

Here's what they look like together:

Here's your money shots:

Do your thing.


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