WTF Is It?!? "Aphrodisiac"

A peripatetic friend of mine brought me this amazing, rumored-to-be edible item recently. The label clearly states that it is "Aphrodisiac," which would be very exciting if I could bring myself to try even the tiniest bite of it. The package label does assure us of the snack's healthful qualities:

"Nutrition Useful: Its rich with the Protein, Fat, B Vitamins, Phosphorous and Potassium. It affected as a Blood maker, and nutritive for brain cells. It reduce the coronor heart diseases and cancer risks, because containing of E vitamins, unsaturated fat and Flovanoids. Its perfect source of energy."

Here's a close up:

I'll entertain any guesses as to WTF this is, of course. Feel free to suggest alternative, non-culinary uses. BTW, it is very, very sticky.

-- Gail Shepherd


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