Wood Tavern's Cesar Morales to Open Taberna Las Rosas, Allapattah Market

Cesar Morales, the powerhouse behind the brands Wood Tavern, the Bar Next Door, Pancho Taco, and BND Burgers, is slated to open his newest concepts — Taberna Las Rosas (2898 NW Seventh Ave.) and Allapattah Market (728 NW 29th St.) — both in Allapattah.

This latest venture for the entrepreneur is unlike any of his other businesses. The vibe of Taberna Las Rosas in still to be determined even as the place is slated to open in early November, but the inspiration drew on many concepts, including rock 'n' roll. The name is adopted from the Central American dive bar that formerly occupied the space.

"The tagline that we came up with is a rebellious dive bar in Allapattah with a tequila problem," Morales says. "Since it’s in Allapattah and it's up-and-coming, it feels new and going against the grain, which is Wynwood. Everybody wants to be in Wynwood. It’s kinda like doing our own thing. A lot of rock 'n' roll, alternative, indie — it just has a rebellious attitude."

Morales says the feel the locale gave off as soon as he entered it was what led him to the concept. The cozy tavern has a top capacity of 150 people. A circular bar encourages interaction, and the bar menu will focus on tequila, with cocktails, beer, and a signature frozen margarita. Drink will range from $6 to $10.

"Price to me is very important. I like to keep it affordable — that’s just my product. For me to be able to have affordable prices, I have to have low rent. It’s the business side of things."
Morales is also opening the Allapattah Market, which will be ready in mid-November. He’s accepted the challenge of creating a following in the neighborhood and is hopeful local will begin to flock to the businesses springing up, including his.

"My friends have asked me if I think I'll be able to get people to go over to that area since it's still new. I prefer the more local vibe. That’s one of the main reasons I looked to Allapattah, because it feels like that. I think [Taberna Las Rosas] will breathe new life into it and, hopefully, we can see other businesses open up," Morales says. "There are businesses there already, a couple of tattoo shops, a hair salon with more of a Wynwood vibe, but there’s no food and beverage places with the Wynwood vibe that I’m aware of."
Morales says opening two businesses concurrently has its challenges, but his passion for creating is what fuels him. The past month has been tough emotionally, mentally, and financially, he says, because a lot is going on and he’s very detail-oriented. But at the same time, he says the experience is rewarding because he gets to see what things look like before and after.

"More than anything, I do it for the love of creating and for the passion of design and architecture. That drives me more than anything. Knowing that when it opens, people will come and enjoy themselves and have a good time because of something that I created, and that’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding."

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