Ahoy there, chef!
Ahoy there, chef!

Win South Beach Wine and Food Tix: Guess This Kid in the Kitchen

​Congratulations to anon1 for realizing yesterday's kid photo was Chef Michelle Bernstein of Michy's, Sra. Martinez, and Check, Please! fame.

If you would like to win a family four-pack of tickets to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival's Kohl's Fun and Fit as a Family featuring Kellogg's Kidz Kitchen (try saying that with a load of Hubba Bubba in your piehole), try and guess who is pictured in today's photo. He's waxing nostalgic about his memories as a kid and how they've affected him today, now that he has become a big time celebrity chef.

Here's a hint: This guy's an ace.

"I grew up loving Julia Child and watching her cook on a little black-and-white TV my mom had in the kitchen. Last year I was doing a book signing at the National Museum of American History in D.C. and they had a Julia Child exhibit. Part of the exhibit was a television showing clips from Julia. I was watching the clips and laughing my head off because Julia is not only genius but she is really funny, and I slowly realized that there was crowd of people watching me watching Julia and I had an existential moment of how absurd that I must look to everyone who was there. I think I gained some serious perspective that day, namely that I will never be as good or as funny or as genuine as Julia Child. She invented cooking as televised entertainment and education: all of us are now standing on the shoulders of a giant."

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