Founder Neal Gottlieb with a modest six-scooper
Founder Neal Gottlieb with a modest six-scooper

What Kind Of Ice Cream Sundae Do You Get For $33,333.33?

Well, it starts with organic Three Twins Ice Cream, which isn't cheap -- $5.25 for one scoop, two scoops for $6.95. Plus you've always gotta pay a little more for anything organic. And it's not just any sundae, but a banana split. Fruit ain't free. But there are other reasons for the price, which we'll get to shortly. In case you're wondering: One person has so far purchased the "world's most expensive sundae," according to the girl working behind the counter at Three Twins' outlet in Calfornia's Napa valley, which I recently visited "He was from England, and wished to remain anonymous," she explained. Maybe she;s making that up, but if I had paid $33 grand for an ice cream sundae, I'd probably want to keep it quiet too. Here is how the Three Twins menu describes the item:

A banana split made with syrups from three rare dessert wines (a 1980s vintage port, a Chateau D'Yquem and a German Trockenbeerenauslese). Served with an ice cream spoon from the 1850s. 1/3 of the purchase price will be donated to a local land trust. Order a day ahead and we'll have a cellist perform."

Three Twins founder Neal Gottlieb, his twin brother, and his brother's wife, who is also a twin, operate in a sustainable manner at their three Northern California shops, offsetting the businesses' emissions by using compostable serving dishes, and being "proud members of One Percent For the Planet." It's a cool shop, and the ice cream is truly luscious.

Still aren't ready to splurge on this split? Don't worry, there's another alternative: The Twinasaurus, which is a 20-scoop sundae served in a pot. And it's only $45!


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