What Chefs Can't Live Without in a Storm

Red the Steakhouse executive chef Peter Vauthy plans an Italian-themed hurricane party.
Red the Steakhouse executive chef Peter Vauthy plans an Italian-themed hurricane party.

You know the old game where you're asked the question, "If you're stranded on a deserted island, what couldn't you live without?" Most people answer with their favorite book, a musical instrument, or volleyball to pass the time with.

In the wake of Tropical Storm Emily busy churning in the Caribbean, we asked some Miami chefs what three things they couldn't live without while waiting out a storm. Here's what they said:

Geoffrey Zakarian, chef/owner of Tudor House: Cuban cigars, canned Italian tuna, and a bottle of Rose.

Peter Vauthy, executive chef at Red the Steakhouse: San Marzano tomatoes, Pecorino Romano cheese, and Amarone Wine

Jamie DeRosa, executive chef at Tudor House: Iberico ham, a good bottle

of Rose and a summer peach. That way I have sweet, savory, and I have


Daniel Ganem, executive chef at Kane Steakhouse: a portable propane

range, because you can cook whatever you want, a dehydrator so I can

make home made jerky, and a stockpile of that jerky that I already made

in anticipation of the storm.

Allen Susser, owner Burger Bar, Chef Allen's 2 Go and author: fresh water, kosher salt and Italian tuna in olive oil.

Alex Pinero, executive chef at Sustain Restaurant & Bar: a bag of chicharrones from El Palacio de los Jugos, a bottle of Don Q Cristal, and a can of OFF!

Doug Rodriguez, owner of De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean: I have a credit card and a car. I'll go to a hotel, if I have to. Last hurricane I was at the Eden Roc.

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