Wendy is looking all grown up these days.
Wendy is looking all grown up these days.
Courtesy of Wendy's Russia

Wendy's Hits Puberty in Russia

Holy Medvedev Batman!  Wendy sure has grown up! Russia opened up its first Wendy's this past June to controversial acclaim. Our American darling has traded up her innocent, unadulterated freckles and pigtails for some serious sex appeal. The models at the opening were decked out in thigh grazing dresses, red striped stockings, and stilettos.

What makes this so controversial is the fact that Wendy was the daughter of real life founder, Dave Thomas. Daddy's little girl has blossomed quite nicely, and now the people of the world can look at these models bosomed glory while munching on fries and burgers with a side of хрен (horseradish).

This isn't the first time an iconic American red head went through an international make over. Case in point: A 2005 debacle where Japan turned Ronald McDonald into a coquettish femme-fatale. With her crimson hair flying through the wind, and pouty lips ready for delicate McRib nibbling, Japan turned our hunky-dory clown into a certified sex bomb. Question is, why didn't we think of this first?

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