Weekend Blog Watch: The World Is Just Enough

Open wide, Short Order's serving up a mouthful of local media from South Florida's food blogosphere. Here are some recent updates from across the internets:

  • Foodalogue has a mushroom tasting dinner. No mention of melting walls or seeing the colors in a song.
  • Former New Times food critic Kavetchnik is a specials specialist. Follow her twitter for the latest updates.
  • Mango&Lime drives 200 miles for an $8 basket of mangos, tours Erickson Farm, in pictures.
  • Dinemag introduces you to Ferran Adria's Inedit, beer in a wine bottle.
  • I Shot The Chef's recent triumphant return via Asian chicken photoblogology.
  • Eat It Miami is boycotting Waxy O'Connor's on South Beach. Find out why.
  • Food Of Miami step by steps pan fried dumplings so you can DIY.


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