Weekend Blog Watch - Stay Hungry
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Weekend Blog Watch - Stay Hungry

Not a whole lot of activity in the world of local food blogs lately. Guess everybody's on vacation. Well, not everybody. Here are some recent posts from the local food web.

  • Will Jog For Food talks buffalo wings and hits La Marea for Miami Spice.
  • Miami Dish interviews Chef John Critchley of Area 31.
  • They talk oysters, sustainable fish, and twitter.
  • Eat It Miami writes up a visit to Primanti Brothers in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • South Florida Beer Blog interviews Adam Fine of Fresh Beer Inc. They talk company history, how to improve South Florida's craft beer scene, and Miller Lite.
  • Chadzilla talks up the testing process for an upcoming wine pairing dinner.
  • Chef Critchley eats at Michy's.
  • Bullfrog says check the humidity on your meat curing box before you go on vacation.
  • The Burger Beast presents El Mago De Las Fritas 25th Anniversary Event.


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