Weekend Blog Watch: MGFD, NAOE, Broccoli Raab, Slow Fish, and Ounce Math

  • Gut reaction to Michael's opening in the Caymans. [PowerRankings]
  • NAOE continues to rock worlds, point, blank, period. [Chowfather]
  • Local CSA member ruminates on broccoli raab, and how to prepare it. [EatingLocal]
  • Shooting Michael's Genuine cook book. [GenuineKitchen]
  • Exploring local seafood sourcing for a Slow Fish dinner. [MiamiDish]
  • Paradise Farms are sellouts at the Coral Gables Farmers' Market. [ParadiseFarms]
  • Make your own chicken pot pie, don't buy it from the store. [IShotTheChef]
  • The Beast goes in KB Burgers of Key Biscayne for being stupid with their oz math.. [BurgerBeast]


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