Weekend Blog Watch: Dim Sum, Iron Maiden, Bogotá, Wine Shoe, and Bagels

Here are some recent posts from the local food web.

  • Jewish family goes Tropical Chinese for Christmas dim sum. [FoodForThoughtMiami]
  • Rock N Roll Ribs, Iron Maiden's drummer's restaurant, opens in Coral Springs. [CleanPlateCharlie]
  • Checking out a mercado de las pulgas (flea market) in Bogotá, Colombia, and eating from the food stalls. [BrickellLife]
  • Video: How to open a wine bottle with a shoe. Seriously. [CarlosMiller]
  • What in hell is a Bagel Popper? Find out yourself. Get one free with coupon at Einstein Bros. Bagels. [MiamiCheap]
  • South Dade's own Schnebly Redland's Winery has its own social network. Check it out. [SchneblyWinery]
  • Historic Anderson's Corner, an old general store in the Redland and one of the oldest buildings in Dade County, might be up for demolition by neglect. [RedlandRambles]

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