Weekend Blog Watch: Anchors Aweigh
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Weekend Blog Watch: Anchors Aweigh

Oi! Blogs ahoy. Here are some recent posts from the local foodisphere.

  • A new pizza oven at Focaccia Rustica in the Grove? That's news? Yes. Yes it is. [Grapevine]
  • One guy's top ten reasons why he eats at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink on a weekly basis. [BlindMind]
  • A professional South Florida blogger makes sausage without a grinder, casings, or fatty meat. How did she do it? Chicken and a Magic Bullet. [Foodalogue]
  • "One look around and you know you're in a down-to earth -feel-good-gimme breakfast now kinda place and I'm not talking about Cafe con Leche. I'm talking pancakes, french toast, and grits!" [EatLocal]
  • Lunch Week takes you inside the cafeteria at St. Patrick Parish School in Miami Beach for "veggie heavy and mostly organic meals." [MiamiDish]
  • Check out this cool slideshow shot (and captioned) from a Chef's eye view. It will keep you clicking next. [Chadzilla]


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