Weekend Blog Watch

Blogs of Miami unite! The webs are watching and so are we. Here's a tasting menu of what's been goin on across the internets.

- I Shot The Chef's triumphant return to blogumentary cooking with Almond Crescent Cookies.

- All Purpose Dark reports on a salon with a cafe menu. We expect lots of "there's a hair in my food."

- Dining alone? No need to fret, A Mingling of Tastes has got the recipe you're looking for.

- The ever prolific Jeff Eats has you covered in those other counties to the north.

- Miami Dish debuts new "Seen Eating" column with Nicole Chipi.

- Deli Lane's twitter page keeps you in the know on FREE buffet in South Miami.

- Local food afficionado Frodnesor talks Timo in Sunny Isles at his Food For Thought Miami blog.

- Honorable mention for the ubiquitous Chowfather.


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