Villa Mayfair To Reopen With Changes, Casual Vibe

Villa Mayfair will reopen with a more casual vibe.
Villa Mayfair will reopen with a more casual vibe.
All photos by Laine Doss

When Villa Mayfair closed for the summer, there was speculation that the restaurant, which serves upscale Mediterranean/French fare accompanied by live D.J.'s might be a bit much for its artsy Coconut Grove locale. Then again, the chef is French and might just have wanted to spend a season soaking up the scene in Saint Tropez.

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Yesterday, while taking a morning walk, we noticed this sign in the window of the still-shuttered restaurant:

Villa Mayfair To Reopen With Changes, Casual Vibe

The same notice is listed on the website:

"Thank you for your patience while we were closed this summer. We really appreciated your business and we hope we did not cause you any inconvenience.

We really tried hard to get everything right and to meet your needs so that you would return again and again and again.

But we noticed that we had to change a few things, so we did, and we are really looking forward to sharing our new ideas with you.

There is this new guy Chad who we are dying for you to meet and we are even adding some casual aspects to make you feel at home during your visits.

We look forward to seeing you for coffee to go, lunch and dinner."

We left messages with the restaurant, and look forward to hearing from "Chad". We're dying to meet him, too.

By what we can piece together, Villa Mayfair will reopen sometime in the winter with a more casual approach to dining. A chalkboard inside the restaurant invites us for morning coffee.

Short Order will keep you posted with updates.

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