Velvet Creme Doughnuts to Open on Calle Ocho

Velvet Creme Doughnuts to Open on Calle Ocho
Courtesy of Velvet Creme Doughnuts
It's been more than a year and a half since Velvet Creme, an iconic Miami doughnut shop, announced its reopening after a 15-year hiatus. As of Monday, April 17, the store officially broke ground on Calle Ocho, signaling a resurrection of its original flagship location, which opened on Eighth St. in 1947.

Robert Taylor, one of the founding partners of the revived Velvet Creme, is in awe. "I can't believe it's happening," he says. "We've looked forward to this moment for so long."

According to Taylor, the company plans to open a second location in Coral Gables shortly after the Calle Ocho store debuts.

"Little Havana will be our first concept store," he explains. "In Coral Gables, we want a drive-through or an express location that will be supplied by the main store."

Inside the shop on Calle Ocho, which is located a few doors down from Ball & Chain and Azucar Ice Cream at 1555 SW Eighth St., expect a range of doughnuts: From traditional glazed to exotic flavors such as maple bacon and guava 'n' cheese, along with a selection of coffees, bagels, and soft-serve ice cream. In the morning, the menu will include breakfast sandwiches, such as a turkey patty hugged between a bagel or a doughnut.

Velvet Creme opened its first location in Little Havana in 1947 and added an outpost near the University of Miami. It had been a Magic City staple for more than 50 years, serving as Miami's first homegrown doughnut shop. A family illness, however, crippled the business in 2000. A couple of years ago, Taylor, along with partners Jorge Rios and daughter Krista Rios, decided to revive the beloved brand owned by Gary Hadler, Taylor's brother-in-law, and launched a food truck in early 2015.

Last December, they were in the midst of finalizing a brick-and-mortar Velvet Creme in Little River. But in February, its signage was abruptly removed. The brand announced its location would open in downtown Miami Shores in the late spring to early summer instead. However, Velvet Creme couldn't settle on a permanent location, putting its relaunch on halt until now.

An official opening date has not been announced. For more information, visit
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