Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes Tempura Asparagus Sushi

Vegan Black Metal Chef is back and making tempura sushi.
Vegan Black Metal Chef is back and making tempura sushi.

In this third installment of his web cooking series, Vegan Black Metal Chef once again unleashes the powers of seitan to make tempura asparagus sushi.

As he growls and sings through the recipe, Vegan Black Metal Chef shows us how to make wasabi at home (because the green stuff in a tube "kinda sucks") and that after "eating asparagus sushi, you will have asparagus pee."

Chef also shows us how to make a bonus black metal roll. Made with spikes, ice and wood, it might not be as delicious as tempura, but it will probably give you your daily requirements of fiber and iron.

Before chowing down, Chef shows us the Japanese tradition of headbanging on the sushi. Since this recipe makes five to six sushi rolls, it's perfect to serve after summoning up some demons at a black sabbath!

If you missed Vegan Metal Chef's first two episodes, catch them here and here.

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