Valentine's Day Cocktails in Miami: Toast to Love

Valentine's cocktails. Better than a drugstore Teddy Bear. Trust us.
Valentine's cocktails. Better than a drugstore Teddy Bear. Trust us.
Courtesy Serendipity 3

Valentine's Day. The most romantic day of the year. By now, you've made the dinner reservations (if not, here's a handy, dandy guide), bought the chocolate (here's where to get the finest sweets in Miami) and flowers, and purchased a card that's funny and sincere, without being too creepy.

Now, on to the cocktails. Sure, you could take the easy way out and pop open a bottle of champers, but that takes little imagination. We suggest taking your true love for a few of these romantic Valentine's Day cocktails to start up the evening. Each one is sweet or spicy, with many featuring subtle rose, chocolate, and honey notes.

Who knows? After a few Jalapeño Passions or Birds and Bees, you might skip dinner altogether. And that makes the five bucks you dropped on a card totally worth it.

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Valentine's Day Cocktails in Miami: Toast to Love
Courtesy Tongue & Cheek

Flaming Molecular Pina Colada at Tongue & Cheek

Tell your Valentine that your heart is aflame with desire by presenting him or her with this intense version of the classic tropical drink. House made pina colada mix, Bacardi silver, and Ron Zacapa is topped with an additional float of Ron Zacapa and a flaming cherry infused pineapple wedge ($19).

The Birds and The Bees at Seasalt and Pepper

The birds and the bees talk may have been the most uncomfortable moment in your childhood, but now that you're a grownup it's time to make some good associations. A cocktail made with Solerno Blood Orange, Stoli Sticki (honey flavored vodka), almond milk, egg whites and rose water -- basically everything romantic in a glass -- is a great start. Share this drink with your date and you won't have to worry about that "birds and the bees" talk. Nature will take its course ($18).


Valentine's Day Cocktails in Miami: Toast to Love
Andres Aravena

The Jalapeno Passion at Living Room at W South Beach

Sweet and spicy, the Jalapeno Passion blends the bite of fine reposado tequila, with the sweetness of passion fruit, and the cool spice of fresh muddled jalapeno to make a cocktail that's sure to speed up the pulse rate of your date ($16).

Valentine's Day Cocktails in Miami: Toast to Love
Courtesy Meat Market

The Cocoa Sueño at Meat Market

When all else fails, tequila is the go-to to turn a friend into a lover. But you can't just do shots on Valentine's Day. You've got to make it smooth. That's why the Cocoa Sueño works on every level. Made from tequila Ocho Plata, white crème de cacao, agave syrup, lemon juice and mint leaves, it's a sexy, sweet way to heat up the room ($15).


Valentine's Day Cocktails in Miami: Toast to Love
Courtesy Serendipity 3

Rose Overdose at Serendipity 3

There is nothing more romantic than roses on Valentine's Day, true, but what do you do with those beautiful petals? You can't drink them...or can you? Serendipity 3 has created the Rose Overdose, made from sparkling rose wine, vodka, orange liqueur, rose syrup and passion fruit puree. It's love in a glass and, at $12, way cheaper than a dozen long stems.

Valentine's Day Cocktails in Miami: Toast to Love
Courtesy Brother Jimmy's BBQ

Pricked by a Thorn at Brother Jimmy's BBQ

The name of this Valentine's Day elixir reminds us of so many things....Disney Princess fantasies, the exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain that true love brings, and Bret Michaels. All good, indeed. This cocktail, made with Avion espresso and Godiva white chocolate liqueur goes down smooth, but has a "thorn prick" from the tequila. What else do we love? The first one is on the house for ladies on V-Day ($9 each, afterward).

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