UPDATED: Norman's 180 Rumors Are False

Norman Van Aken (right) with Emeril Lagasse.
Norman Van Aken (right) with Emeril Lagasse.
Photo by Jacquelynn D. Powers

The rumors posted on Eater and elsewhere about Norman Van Aken being fired from Norman's 180 in Coral Gables apparently aren't true. According to Norman's 180 co-owner Kim Wood's Facebook page, "Norman's 180 and Chef Norman Van Aken are alive and strong!!" More details to come as the story unfolds...

UPDATE: Norman Van Aken has just tweeted the following: "I am still Chef at Norman's 180 and Chef Phil B is still there too. Rumors otherwise are bogus. Cooking in Nashville. Back in 180 on 10/19!"

That should put the gossip to rest.

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