Traveling French Cheese Ambassador on Whole Foods Tasting Tour

A slice of Comté cheese.
A slice of Comté cheese.
Jacob Katel

Say cheese!

French cheese ambassador Cecile Delannes is on a Whole Foods America tour giving out samples and educating consumers on behalf of The French Cheese Club, "an association of five family owned French Fromageries specialized in the production of traditional French cheeses."

We ran into Cecile yesterday while researching an unrelated story (more on that later) at the Whole Foods on South Beach and were glad to try out the french cheeses she had available.

Cecile introduced us to Pont L'evêque, Livarot, and Comté, the first two on crackers, the third in slice alone, as seen above.

Cecile says of Comté, "It's a 1,000 year tradition that is something that every chef in France has. It's very good for cooking."   

Catch Cecile in person for the opportunity to win an all expense paid trip to Napa Valley. Click here for her upcoming appearance dates at South Florida Whole Foods stores.

Cecile Delannes, or as I like to call her, Cecile Fromage.
Cecile Delannes, or as I like to call her, Cecile Fromage.

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