Top Five Wrapped Foods in Miami: Dumplings, Tamales, Burritos, and More

Rainbow of soup dumplings.
Rainbow of soup dumplings.
Photos by Carina Ost

Let's face it. Sometimes underneath the Christmas tree, there's nothing but disappointment. Sure, shitty gifts may be wrapped in pretty paper. But they can still be a big bummer.

So if you're looking for a wrapped gift that's a sure thing, we've got a selection of the top wrapped dishes in Miami. Think masa, dumplings, burritos, and even lotus leaves. What follows are our favorite five.

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Lotus leaf wrapped.
Lotus leaf wrapped.

5. Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf at Kon Chau Restaurant

In this Kon Chau creation, glorious sticky rice is enhanced with the fragrance of lotus leaves. Unwrapping this present ($5.50) is a steamy endeavor, one that reveals chunks of pork, chicken, and delicious Chinese sausage.

Cabbage wrapped.
Cabbage wrapped.

4. Malfouf at Kabobji

Malfouf ($6.99) are stuffed with rice and ground beef and wrapped into long cabbage cylinders and served with tomato sauce and Middle Eastern spices. They take a dip in a cool yogurt and cucumber sauce. If you want a different wrapping, try the dolmas -- they're wrapped in grape leaves.

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