Top Five Salads in Miami: Fried Green Tomatoes, Garden Lettuce, Liquid Mozzarella and More

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There are three kinds of salad-eaters: those constant devotees who will eat any type of greenery, as long it includes some sort of refreshing vegetation; those who will force down salads quickly and out of obligation; and those who nudge lettuce to the extremity of their plates, never to be poked, touched or ingested.

But then there are salads that are so good, so fulfilling that they capture the interest of even the shyest of eaters. Think creamy, salty cheese -- like thin shavings of pecorino Toscano -- paired with ripe slices of juicy local fruit and a pile of fresh, organic crunchy greens. These salads pair freshness with vibrant flavors and textures.

What follows is a round-up of our five favorite salads in Miami. These were selected because they are fairly priced, interesting and delicious. And, of course, because they would certainly please non-salad-eaters and eaters alike.

Farmers Salad at Yardbird
Farmers Salad at Yardbird

5. Farmers Salad at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar - $9

We know that this salad at Yardbird isn't exactly groundbreaking. It pairs fresh vegetables -- which change seasonally -- with a local hard boiled egg from Lake Meadow Naturals. On occasion, this salad includes a mixture of baby greens with charred corn, sliced red onion and a slice of toast. But what truly makes it a winner is its smoked Vidalia onion vinaigrette, which is a harmonious balance of sweet and tart flavors. That and the fact that it's only $9.

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