Top Five Most Miami Nachos: Marlins Helmet Dips and Tostones for Chips

Nachos with helmet head.
Nachos with helmet head.
Photo by Lee Klein

The stamp of most nachos, beyond the chips and cheese, are the three dollops that showcase the colors of the Mexican flag: guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. Although in Miami, we let our own freak flag fly atop our nachos because we do them a little differently than everywhere else.

Naturally, our nachos have their own style as the toppings, chips, meats and vessels vary amongst restaurants. Here are the top five nacho offerings that are distinctly Miami.

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Come on get yappy!
Come on get yappy!
Courtesy of Huahua's Taqueria

5. Nachos at Huahua's Taqueria

Miami is for the dogs (and their owners). In case you missed it, our fair city was named No. 1 in pampered pups. So even when we have a craving for a delicious junk food like nachos, our pets are on our minds. Huahua's got its name from a chihuahua named Jalapeña. The restaurant provides doggie water bowls and the occasional treats. We even heard that there is a couple who buys plain fried chicken tacos for their great dane. For the humans, they get nachos ($7.49) with queso blanco, black beans, pickled jalapeños, salsa, cilantro, and the choice to add carne asada, citrus chicken, or guac for an additional charge. They are pretty finger-licking with that liquid gold white cheese, but remember your dog gets first lick.

The original.
The original.
Courtesy of Island Grill at Mandalay

4. Tuna Nachos at Island Grill at Mandalay

These nachos are so Miami that they aren't even in Miami. Next time you head down to The Keys, you have two chances (yes, two!) for the most incredible nachos. Island Grill at Mandalay in Key Largo and with another location in Islamorada has the tagline that they are "Home to the original tuna nachos." With ample parking and boat docking, stop on by for something you have never seen before. The chips portion is comprised of fried wontons, topped with seaweed salad, covered with fresh ahi tuna, and drizzled with teriyaki, wasabi mayo and Sriracha sauce. The final garnish is sesame seeds and scallions. It's all Miami favorites rolled into one delightful starter and a perfect addition to your weekend getaway.

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