Top Five Bacon Dishes in Miami

If you're like any sane person in this universe, bacon is one of your favorite foods.

In fact, society has become so fixated on the bacon craze that we fret over a "baconpocalypse" and other general bacon shortages. We put bacon on everything. We fashion costumes out of it. We put our dogs in costumes made of it. We make bouquets and centerpieces out of it. We charge extra for it. Um, it's just bacon, right?


It's just bacon. Its deliciousness garners every bit of attention from the world, and a world without it -- well, we shudder at the thought.

Miami knows its fair share of bacon dishes, and though the decision was painstakingly tough (for there are so many noteworthy options), we've narrowed the list to the top five.

Cue the baconpalooza.

Bacon-wrapped dates at Sugarcane, $11.
Bacon-wrapped dates at Sugarcane, $11.
Alex Rodriguez

5. Bacon-wrapped dates at Sugarcane
A finely tuned symphony begins to orchestrate when bacon and dates and cheese come together. Timon Balloo's recipe includes Manchego cheese and linguiça sausage -- with a little salt and pepper to taste. A plump, sweet, and juicy date houses a fine concoction of tender cheese and meat, and once it's wrapped in perfectly cooked, smokey bacon, baby angels sing. Is that cheesy to say? Who cares. It's the truth.

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