If food is crime, then we're all guilty.

Top 10 Miami Food Crime Headlines of the Decade

Miami has carried the illustrious distinction of a town wide open for stealing, killing and dope dealing ever since the first pirates first sailed through, stopped for a beer, and never left.

Those who stayed saw that there's money in food and so they opened stores, bars, and restaurants.

They made a killing.

Other pirates took note and started robbing them.

Thus began a cycle that continues to this day.

The past ten years have seen an active food-crime scene, and the proof is in the headlines.

Here are our top 10 Miami Food Crime Headlines of the Decade. Click each one for a link to the article, though some are just abstracts that require payment for full viewing.


10. Caviar smuggling as lucrative as cocaine for US crime gangs - 2002

9. Man Arrested For Throwing Pizza At His Daughter - 2009

8. 14 Floridians Charged In $4 Million Food Stamp Fraud - 2006

7. Miami Spice Maker Again Recalls Paprika - 2001

6. Miami Cracks Down on Risque Cafeterias - 2003

5. Blows Traded Over Food - 2004

4. Man Arrested After Ordering Food From Same Restaurant He Robbed - 2007

3. Man Swings at Shop Employee After She Moves Grocery Cart - 2000

2. Ex-Con Raps for McDonald's - 2009

1. FDA: Pet food tainting might be intentional - Plastics chemical can make feed appear more protein-rich - 2007


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