Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Oil-Slicked Seafoods

Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Oil-Slicked Seafoods
Lee Klein

Fishermen and restaurateurs: Don't despair. With some imagination and just a bit of judicious finagling, this disastrous oil spill can be turned into a potential boon for business. We've come up with a few suggestions for marketing monikers you can apply to fish from the affected areas -- the rest is up to you. Trust us, your customers will buy these exciting new offerings hook, line, and sinker!

1. Uncle BP's Dirty Crawfish

2. Cleanup Boat Scallops

3. Naturally Blackened Redfish

4. 72-Hour Smoked Oysters

5. Imported Iberian Black Turtle

6. Tuna Tartarred

7. Salt-And-Other-Stuff Crusted Grouper

8. Blacktail Snapper Poached In Loosiana Crude

9. Well-Fired Smelt

10. What-Doesn't-Kill-You-Only-Makes-You-Greasier Shrimp

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