The Ten Best Restaurants in Wynwood

There's no denying it: Wynwood is becoming a food mecca.

Turn back the clock a decade, though, and there was virtually nowhere to grab a bite besides Enriqueta's. Joey's changed that in 2008, when Tony Goldman saw a gourmet future for the neighborhood.

Today Wynwood is the place to go for the city's best coffee (Panther), bread (Zak the Baker), and pies (Fireman Derek's), with countless options to imbibe after the workday. Slowly but surely, Miami's arts district is putting as much emphasis on food and drink as it does on graffiti. And there are no signs of slowing.

The Ten Best Restaurants in Wynwood
Photo by Andrew Meade

10. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

You'll want a place to nosh on small plates while still taking in art. That's Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Since Art Basel 2010, WKB's vibrant setting smack in the middle of the Wynwood Walls has made it a hot spot to eat, drink, and people-watch. If you're there long enough, you might even spot a celebrity subtly making his or her way through the street-art museum. While you're waiting for the next star sighting, order some chicken ropa vieja empanadas and a Tony G to wash them down. The tribute to the late Tony Goldman (the man behind Wynwood's revitalization and WKB) mixes Bulleit red bourbon with spiced lemonade, Drambuie, and rosemary.

9. Jimmy'z Kitchen

For healthful, delicious comfort food, hit up Jimmy'z Kitchen. OK, so the churrasco with chimichurri mofongo and creole sauce is probably not that healthful, but it's the city's best mofongo. And unlike its South Beach predecessor, this Jimmy'z makes the dish available every day. Chef and owner Jimmy Carey earned his culinary pedigree working for Brasserie Le Coze in Atlanta's upscale Buckhead neighborhood. And although the only French-inspired dish on the menu is the steak-frites, there's all sorts of Latin, Caribbean, and Asian flair in a relaxed environment. Chill out and chow down on fresh ahi tuna with jasmine rice, avocado, tomato, and a soy-ginger dipping vinaigrette.

The Ten Best Restaurants in Wynwood
Courtesy of Joey's

8. Joey's

If Jay Z and Beyoncé like Joey's, so should the rest of Miami. When the music world's power couple had a romantic lunch at the Italian restaurant, they ordered burrata caprese with assorted salami, mista salad, rigatoni in meat sauce topped with shaved truffles, and branzino with asparagus. With ever-changing specials that include veal shank and the always-available pizza (noticed by Food & Wine), Joey's allows you to eat like a star. Wynwood's first foodie destination still has it.

The Ten Best Restaurants in Wynwood
Courtesy of GK Bistronomie

7. GK Bistronomie

Peruvian cuisine goes global at GK Bistronomie (218 NE 25 St.). The restaurant, whose name is a combination of the words "bistro" and "gastronomy," features an exhibition-style kitchen, an indoor-outdoor bar serving pisco infusions, and an outdoor courtyard. The cuisine is as artful as the decor, with a menu comprising four sections, including tiraditos, appetizers, and main courses, mainly influenced by local Florida fish and Peruvian cuisine. Peru's staple, ceviche, is given a new lease on life with diverse offerings ranging from traditional Peruvian fish ($17) to a mushroom and yuzu ($14) and tuna and foie gras ($25).

The Ten Best Restaurants in Wynwood

6. Kush

Three words: burgers and beer. What more could you want besides quite possibly the best lineup of craft beer and burgers made with locally sourced beef from Cowart Ranch and ground in house daily? But there's more to Kush than brew and buns, such as Florida alligator bites, Bahamian conch salad with conch caught 58 miles offshore, and Proper Sausages pork links with spicy slaw, sliced pickles, and house-made purple mustard. As for the burgers, do yourself a favor and order the frita, which presses guava jelly, melted Grueyère, potato sticks, Miami Smokers bacon, and Lokal sauce into perfection. Kush is the coolest kid on the block.

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