Preorder the Salty Donut's Thanksgiving Doughnuts Now

Limited-edition Thanksgiving doughnuts include pecan pie cheesecake and apple crisp.
Limited-edition Thanksgiving doughnuts include pecan pie cheesecake and apple crisp. Photo by Danielle Margherite
For the first time in the Salty Donut's three-year history, the Wynwood store will be open on Thanksgiving. But to guarantee a platter of doughnuts will appear on your holiday spread, you'll want to order a box in advance.

Visit the Salty Donut's website anytime through Sunday, November 18, to preorder a box of doughnuts, including two limited-edition Thanksgiving flavors: pecan pie cheesecake ($4.25) and apple crisp ($3.50).

The pecan pie cheesecake features the Salty Donut's 24-hour brioche, scooped out and filled with a homemade cheesecake and pecan pie filling with a pecan toffee glaze, candied pecans, and an edible flower. The apple crisp uses the same scooped-out brioche dough, filled with baked brown sugar and cinnamon apple slices, and topped with apple pie streusel and dehydrated apple chips.

Besides the holiday flavors, ten other doughnuts are available to preorder, including traditional glazed,  guava and cheese, white chocolate tres leches, maple bacon, vegan sweet potato pie, hazelnut chocolate, and carrot cake. While the preorder is available for nearly two weeks, flavors may sell out earlier. Once a doughnut has reached its order capacity, it will no longer be available to select online.

Instead, visit the store on Thanksgiving from 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. or sold out, where all 12 doughnuts will be available for purchase. The pecan pie cheesecake and apple crisp will also be available from Tuesday, November 20 through Thanksgiving at the store.

The Salty Donut. 50 NW 23rd St., #112, Miami; 305-925-8126;
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