The Little Farm Has "U-Pick" Pumpkins

Fat orange orbs await you at the Little Farm.
Fat orange orbs await you at the Little Farm.
Photo by Anais Alexandre

Halloween is next Monday, and while some folks are out looking for pumpkins at their local supermarket, others are heading south to the Little Farm in the Redland.

We stopped by the wholesome farm and found an enormous pile of pumpkins atop a haystack. Children were dancing around in costume, while other kids were riding ponies and horses inside the farm's white picket fence.

The pumpkins are sold by weight. The smallest, "pie" pumpkins sell for $5, and the largest, 100-pound pumpkin goes for a whopping $400.

The farm's E.J. McGorty says, "Pumpkins don't grow in South Florida, so no one has them on the vines. And while it's technically the same as buying one from Publix, who can beat the farm-life atmosphere at the Little Farm?"

What kid can resist a towering pumpkin patch?
What kid can resist a towering pumpkin patch?
Photo by Anais Alexandre

Asked how Hurricane Irene's Northeast pumpkin-farm devastation affected the shipment from South Carolina, McGorty explains, "Because of the high moisture content there, the shells are weaker and prone to rotting quicker. We've had to throw out hundreds of rotting pumpkins already."

By the looks of them, the large, bright pumpkins on the Little Farm's haystack seem to be the cream of the crop. Check 'em out.

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