The Five Most Shocking Restaurant Closings of 2016 So Far

Cena by Michy's chefs Michelle Bernstein and Mike Mayta.
Cena by Michy's chefs Michelle Bernstein and Mike Mayta.

Like any large city, Miami's restaurant scene is a series of hellos and goodbyes. We laud a restaurant's entry into the fray and mourn the loss of favorite eateries when they shutter.

But some closings cut deeper than others. It could be that remarkable sandwich we'll miss or the fact that the eatery was full of memories.

These are the five restaurants that shuttered in Miami in 2016 (so far) that we'll miss most. 

Alberto Cabrera
Alberto Cabrera

5. Alberto Cabrera Closes Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Company, Moves to Vegas
Alberto Cabrera, long a force in Miami's dining scene, opened Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Company with the goal of serving sandwiches made with elevated, quality ingredients. "Being Cuban, I wanted to focus on these classic sandwiches, but, obviously, I'm American as well. I want to include a muffaletta and a Reuben." Cabrera's Cuban sandwich was listed on food critic Zachary Fagenson's best Miami dishes of 2015, calling it "good enough to warrant forgiveness for breaking Miami tradition." The chef abruptly shuttered both Little Bread locations and moved to Las Vegas. 

4. Kings County, Miami's Best New York-Style Pizza Spot, Shutters 
The diminutive Dixie Highway pizzeria was a respite for homesick Tri-Staters. It was almost the only spot where you could find a proper grease-slicked utility slice. Most weekdays, $5 would get you two and soda. The perfect lunch.

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